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Saturday 12th September 2015 by @NRCUK

Connecting, driving and supporting tweeting communities has been our strap line since day 1 and remains our core focus.

Whilst a whole team of volunteers do a great job supporting daily engagement with you all, as well as run around 500 tweetchats a year, we felt there was more that could be done to deliver our strap line!

With a little help from Daniels Healthcare (more details here) we are very proud to introduce you to MyWe

MyWe is a special area of our website that is driven by all your #We tweets and your community engagement with each other on twitter.

Here’s a little more detail about MyWe

After a quick registration to top up MyWe’s knowledge about you you can enjoy the following:

My Badges are just a bit of fun….or are they?

We often hear that people don’t get twitter, so these badges not only reward you for tweeting, engaging and supporting your fellow tweeting healthcare professionals they also give you some goals to aim for; We are quietly confident that with a few badges collected you’ll see the full benefit of tweeting alongside your peers.

Feeling proud of your badges and badge dashboards (there's cool stuff in them)? Use the share button to share your badges and badge dashboards too, especially if the mention your tweeting friends!

Suggested Follows

This follows on from the badges, not having tweets that are relevant to you flowing past you probably means there isn’t much point in tweeting and We certainly don’t want that to happen; These suggested follows are all made up from those engaging in the WeCommunities. The suggestions range from supporting those new to the communities and twitter, as well as those who regularly have they #We tweets retweeted, so if you are looking for some good tweets in your stream these might be a good place to start.

Once we have a few of us all signed up to MyWe, with our locations stored, we will activate the map search allowing you to find people similar or different to you near or far away, helping you decide what type of peers to connect with via twitter and where too.

Continuing Professional Development

For some time We’ve been sharing tips on CDP for tweetchats, always feeling simply being on them isn’t enough to count. This area of MyWe allows you to reflect and record how the chat was relevant to you and your practice, what you learned and how it impacted your practice (Because we aren’t all just chatting with implementing what we learn together are we!). If it takes a while to implement any changes and have any outcomes record-able don’t worry, you can set a reminder and We’ll DM you with a link back to your CDP record to help you complete the CDP process.

Once completed you can even download a PDF with all your comments in and copy of the chat details to either print off or upload to a digital portfolio (We especially like that bit).

If at any point you want to change your MyWe settings you'll find them under your bio pic in the top right :) 

As ever if you have any question please tweet us and we’ll help you out.

We aren’t going to stop here though…so watch MyWe grow to help us all connect, learn and improve the way we care in our tweeting communities.

We only have data from September 2014, if any lovely people would help us backdate some more data we would love to hear from you! 

And finally... one last thank you to @DanielsHCareLtd for funding the development of MyWe do send them a tweet to say thanks :)


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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09 February 2021 10:22
I personally felt the exercise was really beneficial to hear other students views.
21 October 2020 21:50
The #AllOurHealth module has been great, I have learnt so much across many subjects and have more knowledge for future patient care.
17 October 2020 11:02
I have gained knowledge and understanding on many topics throughout #Allourhealth. It has been a good learning tool throughout this module!!
16 October 2020 08:01
Thank you so much for this module - I have learnt so much from #Allourhealth - it has been an amazing journey.
12 March 2020 09:59
This has really helped me a great deal in my module at school also in engaging with fellow students
24 January 2020 22:08
It has been so amazing throughout WeLearn Tweetchat. Using this digital tool has helped me tremendously to engage, reflect positively regarding the practice.
24 September 2015 22:18
I love the functionality of #MyWe, it's a great tool for identifying your engagement and will be great to use for CPD, I'm sure us students can use it for evidence towards competency achievement too. Thanks for this
14 September 2015 12:22
It has been great working with WeNurses and what they have created with #MyWe and #WeCommunities is truly amazing and the benefits to tweeting nurses is very clear!
13 September 2015 10:58
Great job! Thank you
12 September 2015 09:19
Fantastic effort , congratulations !

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