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Wednesday 25th May 2016 by @NRCUK

Completing the "How to get Best Value blog series" for #MyWe we finish on using it for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You can see the complete series here covering badges and follows too.

With a wide range of health focused roles represented across all the WeCommunities how we evidence our professional development varies, but continue to professionally develop we must and we must evidence it too.

With the introduction for nurses to Revalidate it is great to see the use of tweetchats being recognised by the social media savvy @NMCnews as being participatory activities for CPD:

From your volumes of feedback we know you gain enormous value from connecting and tweeting with your peers and the regular tweetchats help lots be sharing best practice and solutions on a topic by topic basis, this guide walks you through using #MyWe to work through chat reflections and record the value they've had to your practice.

You'll find all the "WeChats" in the #MyWe's CDP section, you can toggle to show just your communities chats and only the ones you've been on  (No, you don't need to have attended a chat to use it for CPD!). Here's the #MyWe chat selector:

CLICK HERE TO OPEN #MyWe and start Revalidating via Tweetchats

Once you've found the chat to use for CPD you are ready to "Start CPD", simply click on the "Start CPD" to move to the next stage.

#MyWe walks you through a really simple process of collating what’s needed to support the majority of recognised CDP evidencing, it completes some of the information it already knows then walks you through the rest including:

Summary Information - enabling you to link the learning to your area of practice and record some CPD participation basics

Reflective Account - how did the discussion make you feel, what was good/bad about it, what did you conclude

CPD Impact - the all important aspect of what you learned, how it can impact your practice

It's really simple to complete, here's what it looks like:

There's two things We really like about #MyWe CPD, firstly we know that the impact of any change in practice might take some time to materialise, so having the reminder to DM you to complete the impact statement We hope reflects and supports this.

Secondly we know that you all record, keep and share your CPD evidence in lots of different ways, so you can download your completed CPD, here's an example of an almost completed one. You'll notice it adds more information regarding the discussion (the prechat information and summary) this will enable others you share your CDP with to understand the context, especially if they haven't seen or joined a tweetchat...yet!

We hope you find this feature of #MyWe useful, sharing your tweetchat CPD with knows not familia with tweeting is of course a great way to show them the benefits and help grow the knowledge and diversity within your community.

Remember #MyWe is free to use and We remain really grateful to @danielshcareltd for helping us make #MyWe happen.

You can find #MyWe here, we hope you enjoy using it.


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