Pinning Tweets to your profile - Why & How

Thursday 27th October 2016 by @WeNurses

Twitter is a MicroBlog meaning “a very small way to blog”, a blog being a way to log things on the web (weblog was shortened to blog).

The micro bit can get in the way from time to time, even the profile space is micro too, but most of us have our head around the microness and many like the conciseness and micro time it takes to send a tweet too!

 Things move pretty quickly on twitter too, what you tweet now may well exist for a jolly long time it is like to only be seen by those looking now too.

“Pinning a Tweet”
Sometimes you have a need to have a prolonged sharing of something you’ve tweeted, it might be sharing a link to a project, some guidance you think your tweeting peers would find useful, your latest blog or some charity work for example.

Twitter allows you to take one of your tweets and “Pin it” to your profile.

This tweet stays, whilst pinned, at the top of your tweets list and is visible when somebody looks at your profile, it’s almost like a handy space to expand your profile.

WeNurses quite often use a “pinned tweet” to share what the next #WeNurses tweetchat is as seen in this screenshot below, when you go to the @WeNurses profile page you'll see the pinned tweet at the top of the list of sent tweets:

How to Pin a Tweet.
First of all you have to send the tweet (here’s our learn to tweet twitterversity for those that haven’t mastered that yet).

Once you have sent the tweet you’ll find the option to “pin the tweet” in that tweet’s options: